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Connect, capture and create.

We believe in connecting. With you and with the moment. We also believe in keeping our promises, delivering on time and performing on top. Every time.

Meet Robin Walberg, CEO and founder of Walberg Media.

It all started with his dads pocket camera and a great deal of passion. Today you will experience the best gear available combined with professionalism and a unique expression. All with the same passion.

The A-Team

Our team consists of passionate and highly-skilled people who are ready for anything. We perform at our best when crafting something out of the ordinary. Challenge us and we will make it happen!

Think green

We won’t send you a paper bill, ever! Our office does not even have a printer.

We believe in sustainable, green values. It is our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We work both abroad and all around Finland, so needless to say, we spend a lot of resources on transportation. By using an electric car we minimize our impact.

This is our way to contribute. Choosing us is choosing your own future.

Ready for a journey?

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