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Tungevaag & Faustix – Love Me Anyway (Official Music Video)

We shot the music video for Love Me Anyway in Kolkata, India. 2 intense shooting days filled with 40 degree weather, lots of nice frames and interesting experiences that differ a lot from our “normal” shoots in Finland.

Video editing was done by the multi-talented Martin Tungevaag.

Director: Tungevaag
DOP: Robin Walberg
Production: Tungevaag
Local production: Arg Studios
Starring: Shashank Rao, Ayedha Chowdary, Faustix, Tungevaag.
Costumes: Satya (Label Renusa)
Makeup: Bushrasayeed_artistry
Artists: Tungevaag x Faustix

Shooting days 2
Terabytes of footage 1,16
Most used resolution 6k 150fps