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Snellman – Mickes Matresa

In one week, we shot 4 episodes of “Mickes Matresa”, featuring Michael Björklund and Snellman’s Antti Koivukangas. This was a big project with a lot of moving parts and ultimately also challenges. But in the end, we managed to pull off the style we set out to achieve.



Michael Björklund
Antti Koivukangas

Producer: Robin Walberg

Script: Tommi Fors, Rami Lehtola

A-camera: Minnéa Mattbäck
B-camera: Daniel Käldström

On location audio: Magnus Mikander

Video editing and color grading: Minnéa Mattbäck

Audio mixing: Felix Mollberger

Shooting days 5
Terabytes of footage 3,73TB
Locations 15